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Selected laboratory references for year 2018
  • ANDONOVSKI, Goran, MUŠIČ, Gašper, BLAŽIČ, Sašo, ŠKRJANC, Igor. Evolving model identification for process monitoring and prediction of non-linear systems. Engineering applications of artificial intelligence, vol. 68, pp. 214-221.
  • PRADO, Alvaro Javier, AUAT CHEEIN, Fernando A., BLAŽIČ, Sašo, TORRES-TORRITI, Miguel. Probabilistic self-tuning approaches for enhancing performance of autonomous vehicles in changing terrains. Journal of terramechanics, vol. 78, pp. 39-51.
  • ŠKRJANC, Igor, ANDONOVSKI, Goran, LEDEZMA, Agapito, SPIELE, Oscar. Evolving cloud-based system for the recognition of drivers’ actions. Expert Systems With Applications 99 (2018) 231–238.
  • Y. Saboohi, A. Fathi, I. Škrjanc, V. Logar. EAF heat recovery from incident radiation on water-cooled panels using a thermophotovoltaic system : a conceptual study. Steel Research International, Vol. 89, No. 4, pp. 1 - 8.

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