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Selected laboratory references for year 2016
  • JUHANT, Rok, KNEZ, Jure, BLAŽIČ, Sašo. Analysis of high dynamic car manoeuvres using two types of lever-arm correction. International journal of automotive technology, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 245-253.
  • ANDONOVSKI, Goran, ANGELOV, Plamen, BLAŽIČ, Sašo, ŠKRJANC. A practical implementation of Robust Evolving Cloud-based Controller with normalized data space for heat-exchanger plant. Applied soft computing, vol. 48, pp. 29-38.
  • V. Logar, A. Fathi, I. Škrjanc. A computational model for heat transfer coefficient estimation in electric arc furnace. Steel Research International, Vol. 87, No. 3, pp. 330-338.
  • Gorazd Karer, Igor Škrjanc. Interval-model-based global optimization framework for robuststability and performance of PID controllers. Applied Soft Computing.

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