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Instructions for authors

English is the official language of the congress. So all contributions must be prepared in English.

Preparation procedures are the same for papers in regular, special, student and poster sessions. The difference is only in the way of presentation: oral (for papers) or poster.

1st submission

What to submit for reviewing procedure of regular papers and posters? Extended abstract or draft paper, min. 2 pages!
Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts or draft papers (min. 2 pages, max. 10 pages). Only extended abstracts or draft papers in PDF format uploading through Conference management system will be accepted. There are no special forming instructions, however the authors are encouraged to use final paper formatting (see templates for details - WORD or LaTeX). The main point here is to provide at least two pages long extended abstract (if not the draft paper) with enough information enabling the reviewers to give as relevant as possible judgement about the contribution of the proposed paper. All contributions will be reviewed by three members of IPC. This procedure is valid for the regular sessions and poster sessions.

Contributors invited by special sessions organisers do not send extended abstracts or draft papers. They must respect the procedures defined by their session organisers.

What to submit for reviewing procedure of student papers (student competition)? Full paper!
Authors are invited to submit full draft papers. Only papers in PDF format uploading through Conference management system will be accepted. There are no special forming instructions, however the authors are encouraged to use final paper formatting (see templates for details - WORD or LaTeX).

Final submission

What to submit for final papers ( papers in regular, special, student and poster sessions, plenary papers, tutorials)?

Final papers must be prepared according to instructions in Eurosim templates for WORD or LaTeX .

Some recomendations:

minimum is 6 pages,
maximum is not limited (but we hope that you can reasonably understand it),
first page is extremely important as it will be extracted for the Book of Abstracts,
we recommend that the first page is as full as possible,
use paper A4, not letter, respect margins!!!
abstract must have 200-300 words,
only the presenting author biography and his photo is requested,
only final papers in PDF format uploaded through Conference management system will be accepted,
make sure that PDF is formatted for A4 paper!
one additional multimedia file (mpeg level 1, up to 1MB) can be uploaded with the final paper.

Please, send by fax undersigned EUROSIM copyright form in parallel with final paper submission !!!


Conference Proceedings will be published in two Proceedings Volumes distributed to all participants upon registration in Ljubljana:

Vol. 1: Book of Abstracts (printed, one page abstracts of papers or posters)
Vol. 2: Full papers (CD)

Best papers will be published by Elsevier in a special issue of the EUROSIM journal Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory (with science citation index).

Deadline for submission of extended abstracts or draft papers (for regular papers, posters) is extended to 23 April 2007.

Deadline for submission of final paper: 9 July 2007

The organiser will publish only the papers submitted by authors, who will settle their registration fee by 15 July 2007.

Instructions for speakers

Tips and suggestions for presentations.  Presentation time for oral presentations in regular, special and student sessions is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions. The main goal of your oral presentation is to get the audience interested in your work. All presentations are to be made in English. Speak slowly, use short sentences. An effective oral presentation should be structured accordingly: outline of main points (one slide at the beginning in the form of a table of contents/agenda ), introduction (arouse your audience's interest, demonstrate why the topic is important), details of main points (follow the order of your outline, limit the number of points you make, since listeners cannot process as much information as readers can, be clear when you are switching to a new point, since listeners cannot follow as easily as readers can), conclusion (a summary of your main points). General suggestions for slides: use max. 1-2 slides per minute of your presentation, and 4-5 points per slide, use clear titles, use graphs and figures rather than just words, use large fonts (18-24), show only the slides that you are discussing (do not skip slides during presentation).

Equipment. DATA projectors (beamer) for computer presentation (resolution up to 1024 x 768 pixels), notebook  with Windows XP operating system, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat. Presenters are kindly asked to use the available computers. Only if they have special reasons should they use their own notebooks. Slide and overhead projectors will not be available.

Installation of presentation. Only Power Point or PDF presentations on a CD-ROM or a USB Memory stick will be accepted. Authors are invited to upload and check their presentation in the INTERNET/PRVIEW room (entrance from the Foyer hall) if possible one day before the presentation. Alternatively, the presentation can be uploaded directly to the presenting computer by a session technician before the session (please come at least 15 minutes before the start of the session).

Instructions for posters

Posters must be brought to the congress by the presenting author. The dimensions should not exceed 90 cm (width) and 100 cm (height). At the top of the poster, please provide the title of the paper, the names of the authors and their affiliations, all in bold lettering of about 2 to 3 cm size. Artwork and lettering should be large and clear enough so that the poster is readable from a distance of 1.5 m.

Posters will be presented in the Foyer hall of the congress site. Each poster is numbered and the appropriate numbers will appear on the poster stands. Presenters are responsible for posting and removing the materials. Posters have to be displayed from Wednesday morning until the end of the congress. Authors of posters can be available at the site during coffee breaks, but they are also requested to be there at the time scheduled for the poster session.

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