International Summer Day

Shaping the Future with Engineering Simulation

Modelling and simulation are inseparable procedures which include the complex activities associated with the construction of models representing real processes and experimentation with the models to obtain data on the behaviour of the system being modelled. Here modelling deals primarily with the relationships between the concrete dynamic processes and models, simulation refers above all to the relationships between the model and simulation tool while the model time responses, being the output of simulation tool, are again evaluated in connection with the studied process what closes the loop. In recent times modelling and simulation approach becomes more and more unavoidable in solving different kinds of practical problems. Mathematical models of dynamical systems and computer simulation find application in nearly all technical and nontechnical areas which are as diverse as engineering and hard sciences, economics, medicine and life sciences as well as ecology and some social sciences. The purpose of studying systems through modelling and simulation approach is to achieve different goals without actually constructing or operating real process.
As we wanted to emphasise the complexity of modelling and simulation we also combined lectures dealing with different methods and areas. Each lecture is independent so that participation on the part of the programme is also possible.

Organisation & Venue

University of Ljubljana
Faculty of El. Eng.
Laboratory of Modelling, Simulation and Control
Laboratory of Autonomous Mobile Systems

The event is co-organised by:

SLOSIM – Slovene Society for Simulation and Modelling

Technical University Vienna, Inst. for Analysis and Scientific Computing