Program overview

Wednesday, 31st May 2017
9:00 Registration
9:45 Opening
10:00 Plenary talk I
Fernando Gomide: Evolving Granular Modeling and Control
11:00 Coffee/tea break
11:30 Technical session I
13:30 Lunch (Restaurant ULFE)
14:30 Technical session II
16:30 Break
18:00 Tour of the city and welcome reception (meeting at the faculty or in the city centre)

Thursday, 1st June 2017
10:00 Plenary talk II
Plamen Angelov: Autonomous Learning for Autonomous Systems
11:00 Coffee/tea break
11:30 IEEE SMC Autonomous Learning Systems Machines (ALMA) Competition
13:30 Lunch (Restaurant ULFE)
15:30 Excursion and conference banquet

Friday, 2nd June 2017
9:00 Technical session III
11:00 Coffee/tea break
11:30 Technical session IV
13:30 Closing
13:35 Lunch (Restaurant ULFE)

Technical program

Wednesday, 31st May 2017

Plenary talk I
Chair: Igor Škrjanc
10:00 Evolving Granular Modeling and Control
Fernando Gomide

Technical session I
Chair: Radu-Emil Precup, Co-chair: Sašo Blažič
11:30 Evolving Fuzzy Models for the Position Control of Magnetic Levitation Systems
Radu-Emil Precup, Claudia-Adina Dragos, Elena-Lorena Hedrea, Marian-Dan Rarinca and Emil Petriu
11:54 Comparison of Conventional Closed-Loop Controller with an Adaptive Controller for a Disturbed Thermodynamic System
Robert Alphinas, Hans Henrik Hansen and Torben Tambo
12:18 Granular Evolving Fuzzy Robust Feedback Linearization
Lucas Silva de Oliveira, Valter Júnior de Souza Leite, Jeferson Costa Da Silva and Fernando Antônio Campos Gomide
12:42 Robust Evolving Control of a Two-Tanks Pilot Plant
Goran Andonovski and Bruno Sielly Jales Costa
13:06 An implementation of an evolving fuzzy controller
Sašo Blažič and Andrej Zdešar

Technical session II
Chair: Edwin Lughofer, Co-chair: Juš Kocijan
14:30 Evolving participatory learning fuzzy modeling for financial interval time series forecasting
Leandro Maciel, Rafael Giordano Vieira, Alisson Porto, Fernando Gomide and Rosangela Ballini
14:54 Incremental Rule Splitting in Generalized Evolving Fuzzy Regression Models
Edwin Lughofer, Mahardhika Pratama and Igor Škrjanc
15:18 On-line identification with regularised Evolving Gaussian process
Martin Stepančič and Juš Kocijan
15:42 Introduction of adaptive TS model using recursive Gustafson-Kessel algorithm in short term load forecasting
Gregor Černe
16:06 Evolving Fuzzy Model In Fault Detection System
Dejan Dovžan

Thursday, 1st June 2017

Plenary talk II
Chair: Sašo Blažič
10:00 Autonomous Learning for Autonomous Systems
Plamen Angelov

ALMA competition
Chair: Fernando Gomide
11:30 Autonomous Anomaly Detection
Xiaowei Gu and Plamen Angelov
11:50 Evolving principal component clustering for 2-D LIDAR data
Matevž Bošnak
12:10 Robust Evolving Cloud-based Controller (RECCo)
Goran Andonovski, Plamen Angelov, Sašo Blažič and Igor Škrjanc
12:30 Self-Evolving Kernel Recursive Least Squares Algorithm for Control and Prediction
Zhao-Xu Yang, Hai-Jun Rong, Guang-She Zhao and Jing Yang
12:50 Monitoring of vulcano Puracé through seismic signals: Description of a real dataset
Jose Eduardo Gomez, David Camilo Corrales, Juan Carlos Corrales, Araceli Sanchis, Agapito Ledezma and Jose Antonio Iglesias
13:10 Autonomous Learning Multi-Model Classifier of 0-Order (ALMMo-0)
Plamen Angelov and Xiaowei Gu

Friday, 2nd June 2017

Technical session III
Chair: Plamen Angelov, Co-chair: Dejan Dovžan
9:00 A Sensory-Neural Network for Medical Diagnosis
Mihael Sok, Eva Švegl and Igor Grabec
9:24 Estimation of moving agents density in 2D space based on LSTM neural network
Marsela Polic, Ziad Salem, Karlo Griparic, Stjepan Bogdan and Thomas Schmickl
9:48 Multi-Expert Evolving System for Objective Psychophysiological Monitoring and Fast Discovery of Effective Personalized Therapies
Olga Senyukova, Valeriy Gavrishchaka and Ksenia Tulnova
10:12 Evolving Cauchy possibilistic clustering based on cosine similarity for monitoring cyber systems
Igor Škrjanc, Araceli Sanchis de Miguel, Jose Iglesias, Agapito Ledezma and Dejan Dovžan
10:36 Nonlinear Quadratic Estimator with Selective Error State Weighting
Eckhard Gauterin, Florian Poeschke, Nico Goldschmidt and Horst Schulte

Technical session IV
Chair: Igor Škrjanc, Co-chair: Gregor Černe
11:30 Combining Evolutionary Algorithms and Case-Based Reasoning for Learning High-Quality Shooting Strategies in AI Birds
Süleyman Gemici, Thomas Gabel, Benjamin Löffler and Alaa Tharwat
11:54 Scalable Implementation of Dependence Clustering in Apache Spark
Elena Ivannikova
12:18 Online Anomaly Detection on the Webscope S5 Dataset: A Comparative Study
Markus Thill, Wolfgang Konen and Thomas Bäck
12:42 An Immune Evolution Mechanism for the Study of Stress Factors in Supervised and Controlled Systems
Monica Patrascu, Adrian Patrascu and Iuliana Beres
13:06 Modeling and Simulation of a small Wind Turbine system based on PMSG generator
Rim Ben Ali, Horst Schulte and Abdelkader Mami